Thursday, May 20, 2010


I look at my children and see how they are so easy to make friends. "Hi! Do you wanna play with me?" "Sure! Let's go see who's the first one on the slide!" Amazing!All that's left behind is the giggles of happiness that they bring through their laughter in the Universe!

I see that in life we are so hard to make friends and when we do have friends it is so hard to keep the ones that we have. Ever since the internet/phones were invented people do not seem to have the time to meet with each other face to face. We are so busy talking to strangers that we forget to be friends to the ones we have in front of us. Don't get me wrong it is good to make connections, but isn't it better for the connections to be real? Isn't it better for us to spend quality time face to face instead of hiding behind the computer screen? I miss going for a coffee with a friend. I miss hanging out with a friend. I miss going to the movies wiht a friend. I seem to be left behind when I want to go soemwhere with a friend. They are all just too damn busy! And when I go home and log on to the net I see all of my friends online. Did I miss something? yes I am busy too. Being a single mother of two children is not easy, but what happened with stopping by? What happened to calling once in a while? Where does the time go? Hmm I just wonder how my mother did manage to have a home full of friends at all times? How did she manage to just keep in touch with her friends? we didn not have phones or internet to keep in touch! We just kept in touch with the friends we had, the real friends! I find it that friendships were also long lasting back in the day too! Now aday if we do not work together, go to school together or just have a communal point to meet, we may never see each other.

I am seriously thinking to stay away from technology for a while, but then again I will not see my friends for the time I'll be away! I want to see my friends I want to keep in touch with all of my frineds that I have and I want them to keep in touch with me too! I guess in a way I am lucky because I do have theh few pwoplw that I can truly say they have kept in touch wiht me for decades and it didn't even matter that we do not live in the city anymore! Thank you!

My friends, I miss you people! Let's get together and have a party! Let's meet and hang out! Let's just share our experiences, let's just be!

Peace and Love!


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