Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sage Tyrtle's interview

Social Media had allowed me to be creative and also to have a voice. There are different ways in which I engage with the world and besides this blog I use Twitter and Facebook to name a few.

On February 19  I wrote a blog entry about Romania. Little did I know that people actually read my blog and that there is an interest in my life's experiences. Shortly after the blog entry was posted I had received a friendly email from a woman, Sage Tyrtle, asking me if I am interested in being interviewed regarding my experiences in Romania.While reading the email my heart started pounding with joy and disbelief . For a second I thought she was mistaking me with someone else. Could this really be?  I pulled myself together and I started to believe it. Yes, it really was happening. I had asked the Universe for many things and when I stopped asking I received more than I expected. I am deeply thankful to the woman that had made all of this possible, Sage Tyrtle .

Check out the link below for the interview. Please do  comment but if you remain speechless I understand!



Saturday, April 16, 2011

Experiencing a better Lifestyle

I always brag about changing my life and the truth is I find it quite hard to do it at times.

I find myself to be quite the multitasker and when it comes to my own needs, I rarely follow up. I do work quite hard and being a single parent of two very small children it does have it's challenges. Although this should be of no excuse, my children ought to be more of an incentive where I become their role model to a better, healthier life.

I realized lately that I feel over stressed. I yell at everyone because of  the littlest things and my patience level is running on minimum. I try to discipline (for lack of a better word) my children and when I come up with a grounding solution it seems that it is easier, at that moment, to just let it go only because I can't stand the thought of having to raise my voice at my children once again. Yes, life would've been easier if I were to have the support needed or if I were to live in a society where we would all understand that It takes a village to raise a child , literally. I sometimes feel that everyone around me has very high expectations of me and if I ever dare to fall through the cracks once the same people seem to be quite happy to throw an "I told you so" expression in my face. And if it isn't the good old fashion "I told you so" I get the classic "Your children, not mine". Don't even get me started on the sperm donors because that's a whole other blog entry.

So how can I be everything to everyone? It is simple. I will not!

My life changing experience starts NOW and the solution is simple. I will follow the blog entries of to help me in making the lifestyle changes I need to help me better my life. In addition, I will make a commitment to exercise my favorite workout  at least three times a week to start with, which will also help me rid of stress. Nutrition will also be a big part of this transformation helping me to a healthier success where I will start by eliminating the toxic food and replacing it with healthier alternatives. And to make it more official, follow my blog to make sure I keep my word and to give me a push if and when I need it.



Saturday, April 9, 2011

#usguysEH Tweetup

Yesterday I had one of the most amazing experiences I had encounter in along time: I had a last minute invitation to the tweetup event with the #usguyseh team.

Although I have seen tweets on Twitter  from people I have never met before in person regarding the #usguys  tweets, I am not usualy the one to jump into a conversation uninvited.

Let me share with you how it all happened. I was on my way to a networking meeting that I had signed up for a while ago. As I left my house, walking to the bus stop, I was checking Twitter  on my Blackberry  to see what is happening in Twitter Land. One of the tweets that caught my attention was from wonderful @DebWeinstein, the prestigious president from @SO_pr firm. I looked at the tweet stating that someone from the group could not attend last minute and there was a Free spot available for the first person to DM the interest request. My mind and my heart was telling me that this is such a great opportunity and to give it a try. I did manage to send a DM to @DebWeinstein and to my surprise she answered back with a few details about the event. Ultimately it was confirmed: I was the lucky opportunist to attend the big event. I have been to many events similar to this where people from the same line of work get together to share experiences, however the uniqueness of this event is that the majority of people in that room started a virtual acquittance that led up to the yesterday's event. To meet people virtually and to always wonder what would they be like in real life, is now something of the past. The internet had given us the opportunity to interact and connect globally and that is why I love Twitter . Although Facebook is great Social Media tool, I believe that Twitter  is a better tool to access information and to connect with great people at the same time even though there are only 140 characters allowed to be used per tweet. Many things are said in fewer words and more information is spread when less is said. After all less IS more.

Here is a list with just a few of the people that I have met at the #usguysEh tweetup:

And these are just a few of the people that the Universe had allowed me to meet and to be introduced to. Looking forward to connecting with you all again and I am keeping an open mind to the opportunity of meeting more wonderful people such as yourselves in the future. 



Experiencing the good life!

Last Sunday I have decided to provide my oldest daughter with a small taste of the good life! What many people don't understand about my children is that although it seems that they are spoiled, I teach them about life while they are experiencing it. I noticed how my oldest is having a lot of inquiries regarding the "good life" so I decided to take her in for a spin.

We were already Down Town Toronto so I thought it would be best if her and I would start with an early lunch together, outside of the house. We went to Sushi Inn in Yorkville so that she can experience food from a different culture (Japan ) and most importantly a culture that had been talked about in the media lately due to the tragic Earthquake and Tsunami. As soon as the waiter came with the food at our table (and no, she did not have sushi) my daughter wanted to try using the chopsticks, something she is not necessarily good at. It was hilarious to see her trying to manage the two wooden sticks while the rice was practically going back in her plate. We couldn't stop laughing!

Sarah having her miso soup
Sarah trying to manage two chop sticks 

She decided to go with one...
And she got it! 

In the end she decided to use the chopsticks her own way and eventually use a fork. I guess the good life is the life that one makes for her/himself, just as she did.