Saturday, April 16, 2011

Experiencing a better Lifestyle

I always brag about changing my life and the truth is I find it quite hard to do it at times.

I find myself to be quite the multitasker and when it comes to my own needs, I rarely follow up. I do work quite hard and being a single parent of two very small children it does have it's challenges. Although this should be of no excuse, my children ought to be more of an incentive where I become their role model to a better, healthier life.

I realized lately that I feel over stressed. I yell at everyone because of  the littlest things and my patience level is running on minimum. I try to discipline (for lack of a better word) my children and when I come up with a grounding solution it seems that it is easier, at that moment, to just let it go only because I can't stand the thought of having to raise my voice at my children once again. Yes, life would've been easier if I were to have the support needed or if I were to live in a society where we would all understand that It takes a village to raise a child , literally. I sometimes feel that everyone around me has very high expectations of me and if I ever dare to fall through the cracks once the same people seem to be quite happy to throw an "I told you so" expression in my face. And if it isn't the good old fashion "I told you so" I get the classic "Your children, not mine". Don't even get me started on the sperm donors because that's a whole other blog entry.

So how can I be everything to everyone? It is simple. I will not!

My life changing experience starts NOW and the solution is simple. I will follow the blog entries of to help me in making the lifestyle changes I need to help me better my life. In addition, I will make a commitment to exercise my favorite workout  at least three times a week to start with, which will also help me rid of stress. Nutrition will also be a big part of this transformation helping me to a healthier success where I will start by eliminating the toxic food and replacing it with healthier alternatives. And to make it more official, follow my blog to make sure I keep my word and to give me a push if and when I need it.




Mark Koning said...

Making a change in our lifestyles can sometimes be a difficult thing..... we, or even I, tend to procrastinate sometimes.
Good for you for coming up with a plan to follow.

Doina said...

Hey Mark,

True that we sometimes have to encounter difficulties to make a change...I wish I could say that I have followed my plan completely, however it is a working progress...Procrastination takes over my ability to focus sometimes and also excuses not to do what I signed up for are hard to overcome...

I do need to get in shape and not necessarily to change my physical appearance but to be a healthier self for my children.

I did start to improve my lifestyle through diet (eating smaller portions and choosing healthier options) I have to work on my physical activity to make it an everyday thing. For now I walk a lot and I am trying to introduce pilates to my everyday life.

Thanks for the comment Mark!