Saturday, April 9, 2011

Experiencing the good life!

Last Sunday I have decided to provide my oldest daughter with a small taste of the good life! What many people don't understand about my children is that although it seems that they are spoiled, I teach them about life while they are experiencing it. I noticed how my oldest is having a lot of inquiries regarding the "good life" so I decided to take her in for a spin.

We were already Down Town Toronto so I thought it would be best if her and I would start with an early lunch together, outside of the house. We went to Sushi Inn in Yorkville so that she can experience food from a different culture (Japan ) and most importantly a culture that had been talked about in the media lately due to the tragic Earthquake and Tsunami. As soon as the waiter came with the food at our table (and no, she did not have sushi) my daughter wanted to try using the chopsticks, something she is not necessarily good at. It was hilarious to see her trying to manage the two wooden sticks while the rice was practically going back in her plate. We couldn't stop laughing!

Sarah having her miso soup
Sarah trying to manage two chop sticks 

She decided to go with one...
And she got it! 

In the end she decided to use the chopsticks her own way and eventually use a fork. I guess the good life is the life that one makes for her/himself, just as she did. 


S.A Payne said...

Tooo cute!

Doina said...

Thank you! It really was a great moment and I felt privileged to be the one showing her the other side of the 'game' :)