Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sage Tyrtle's interview

Social Media had allowed me to be creative and also to have a voice. There are different ways in which I engage with the world and besides this blog I use Twitter and Facebook to name a few.

On February 19  I wrote a blog entry about Romania. Little did I know that people actually read my blog and that there is an interest in my life's experiences. Shortly after the blog entry was posted I had received a friendly email from a woman, Sage Tyrtle, asking me if I am interested in being interviewed regarding my experiences in Romania.While reading the email my heart started pounding with joy and disbelief . For a second I thought she was mistaking me with someone else. Could this really be?  I pulled myself together and I started to believe it. Yes, it really was happening. I had asked the Universe for many things and when I stopped asking I received more than I expected. I am deeply thankful to the woman that had made all of this possible, Sage Tyrtle .

Check out the link below for the interview. Please do  comment but if you remain speechless I understand!




Mark Koning said...

Very Interesting to hear. You've been through a lot. Thanks for sharing this Doina.

Doina said...

Thank You Mark!

Yes, I guess as human beings we all have some things in common, we all go through some tough times and hopefully use it as learning experiences or appreciation for the good things that come along also.

Thank you for the comment Mark!