Monday, June 21, 2010


Sixteen years ago I landed in Canada with hopes and dreams of a better life.

It feels like yesterday my sister and I were in the plane maping out our lives,hoping for the better and fearing the worst. Our biggest fear was that my father would change his mind and not wait for us in the airport ( for the ones who do not know, he was absent from our lives for 10 years prior). We were making plans for what are we going to do in case that happens. "I'm taking the first plane back." my sister said. "Not me, Im staying!" I replied. That courage was coming from inside of me thinking that the hardships I had to endure and the lifestyle that I left behind was not an incentive for me to even think of going back. I will make it, I will work hard and make things possible for me. After all this is the land of opportunities, this is the land where dreams become reality, this is the land where people make something of themselves and hard work will speak for itself.

Although it had been very hard and many obstacles had come my way, I can honestly say that I am happy being here. I am happy that my life had changed and that the decision that I made to stay here in Canada had turned out to be one of the best decision that I have made.

I sit back and wonder sometimes what my life would have been like if I were not to come here. I will probably be married to someone that I don`t love. He would get to make decisions for me. I would be raising children and not be appreciated for it. I may or may not have been working and if I were to be working I probably would not have control over my money.

I thank the Creator for allowing me to live my life now the way I want to, the way that it makes me happy! I thank the Creator for giving me endless opportunities for improvement on myself and on making a diference in someone`s life, my children`s life! Thank you!

Peace and love,


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