Thursday, October 28, 2010

Living In The NOW

I am constantly reminded by practically everyone around me of the days to come and the things that I have to do for tomorrow and for the days ahead. What I have been asking myself lately is that why isn’t anyone concentrating on today, on NOW, this moment? So I am taking the matter into my own hands and I will be living my life according to MY RULES...Living In The NOW! I figured it must be simple and guess what? I am right. I am not saying to rule out some things that matter for the future such as financial stability and a good sense of self, however when it comes to my everyday life I want to live in the moment and make EVERY moment count. I know that the Creator will make me a better person because by appreciating what I have in front of me will assist me into realizing that the small things do make a big difference in the long run. Taking the time will help me improve on myself starting with the inner self. Lately I have been rushing through things and taking a lot of time for other people to be of assistance to their needs that I have forgotten of my own needs in the process and that had contributed to me running low on energy for myself. So after analyzing a few things I have come up with the conclusion that Living In The NOW will allow me to do the following:

• Take better care of myself which will allow me to take better care of my children
• Be more aware of my needs which will allow me to be more aware of my children’s needs
• Create a better person out of me which will help me rule out the people that I need to eliminate out of my life, you know the ones that always want to take but never want to give back in return.

Yes, Living In The NOW will allow me to become the person that I want to be and that in its own will improve my future. So from now on when I will hear someone talking to me about my future my question for them will be: “What have you done for yourself lately? “

And This Is ME Living In The Now!

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