Monday, November 1, 2010

Learn to Listen

For the last few years I have been to hell and back some can say and it is not the first time I've experienced that but this time around had been though. It wasn't me alone that have had to travel to the extreme but I had brought my two children with me for the roller coaster ride.

During this time I needed a lot of support from the people around me and I felt it was my RIGHT to get it from them. I was crying, ranting, venting and most of my friends were listening to me either they wanted to or not ~ Yes, I am blessed to have some of the best people in this Planet around me. The problem that I have with myself, and I have noticed this as of late, is that I keep on ranting and it doesn't really do me any good. I am not learning and I am craving knowledge. I take full blame for it and I know that that its because I am not listening to others enough.

It is time I start learning how to listen actively and I am making myself a promise that I will allow people to speak first and take in their stories as an experience. So for that I will enforce the following:
  • look people in the eye if permitted
  • allow them to speak without interruptions
  • make it all about them and not include me in the process
In order for me to learn how to listen I will practice not talking unless asked a question directly and make the answer just about that question.

I understand it is a process and I do need to have patience to succeed but perseverance will overcome and it will benefit me in the long run because as I Learn to Listen I will Listen to Learn and that will be a reward on its own, something that most people are afraid to do. I am hoping that by doing so it will strengthen my relationships with the people that are already here, standing strong and tall in my life and for the new people that are coming into my life: What's your story?

Peace and Love.


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