Friday, November 19, 2010

In MY perfect world

Many times I look around me and by seeing how the world functions all I feel its sadness.If I would have the power I would make the world a perfect place by making everyone well, most everyone, happy by providing  a little more than the basic essentials such as food, shelter, clothing, health care and create space for self care. Self care does not have to be something we are afraid of or feel that we do not deserve. 

Everyone needs self care in whichever the format may come be it as simple as a bubble bath or just having a conversation with friends to going somewhere in a vacation either by themselves or with a bunch of friends. Whatever the case may be in MY perfect world people will have room for self care. Personally I deprive myself of luxurious self care methods simply because I cannot afford it. My best self care practice is getting a pedicure late at night in the comfort of my own home. It may sound unusual to some and many have asked me why I'm not going to a parlor and get it done as it shall be less work for me since someone else will be working on my feet giving me a chance to relax. I don't see it that way. Besides the fact that I could go home with Lord knows what from the other person before me that the utensils had been used on and not properly cleaned (Yuck), I get a chance to look at my feet, to caress my sole and my toes and massage them as they really deserve it. My feet take me places and carry my body (my temple) where I need to go and they get to be looking pretty especially during the summer when I have to wear an open toe shoe. Yes, I love my feet and I feel that they deserve the best and the most suitable candidate of providing the best IS me. I also feel that by getting a chance to touch them its a good way to reflect on where my feet had taken me (the beach, school, job interviews, work, outdoors, dates, weddings, restaurants, hospitals, funerals, happy and sad places) and what I have accomplished by me getting there. It gives me a chance to thank them for providing the ability to move me places, to take me away from the ordinary, to help me escape situations where I had to run to be safe or to just take me places where I needed to be at that particular moment. When I am home and its all quiet I feel my feet thanking me while they rest in warm water mixed with Epsom salts and tea tree oil. While I get to clean them I feel them getting lighter and while I massage them I feel their ability to "breathe" easily and "thanking" me for taking care of them. And the funnest part, when I apply red nail polish (always red for me),  I feel my feet "smiling" and "giggling" as I make them feel special ~ the same special feeling they give me when I accomplished my goals because they have carried me places.

Yes, taking care of Self should not be a chore but a chance to get to know Self better and to take the time to say "Thank You!" to ourselves for the great accomplishments we have achieved. After all if we do not do it, how can we expect someone else to and expect them to do it perfectly? And although I may not change the world by taking care of my feet, I damn sure will be more prepared for whatever life will throw at me if I am more capable to STAND UP! I know that my feet is MY self care but I encourage you to find yours and don't forget to Thank Yourself Now! Your Mind, Body and Soul will Thank You After! 



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